Vineyard Christian Fellowship-West

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(pronounced "Alter")
 An alternative worship gathering led by
younger adults of the Westside Vineyard

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In September 2002, the Altaer Sunday evening worship gathering began with the vision of presenting at the altar and allowing God to alter and transform us.  God accepted the offerings placed at His altar, and He began to expand His work among the younger adults in our midst.  God continues to draw and develop new lives among the many younger adults who move into and live in the Westside area!

Altaer represents a passion towards cultivating and creating a context for younger adults to connect together and emerge as leaders of the church in their generation.  We continue with a commitment to present ourselves at the altar of God and experience His altering and transforming presence in our lives.

While our Altaer gathering is open and appropriate for any age life, it is designed to be led by younger lives and leaders.  Our community consists of people of varying ages and varying walks of life - young professionals, college students, high school students, young singles, young married couples, and young families.

God's work among us is not complete, though.  The story continues... the journey continues.  The door is open for you to come and join the journey.  We invite you to become part of the story, too!

No infant, toddler, or children's program availabile at the Altaer evening gathering. Full children's ministry provided at the 9am and 11am services.

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