Vineyard Christian Fellowship-West

Why We Give
as members of the Westside Vineyard

We give of our time, talents and treasure because of our love of God and through our trust in Him!
To that end, you will find some encouraging reflections in this section of our website designed to help you think through the issue of giving.

For those that are part of our community who desire to give through electronic means, you will find our perspective on online giving further below as well as a links to give.  Click GIVE FIRST TIME if you would like to give a first time gift or GIVE AGAIN if you have given to the ministry of the church at the Westside Vineyard previously:

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God clearly encourages each of us to give sacrificially.  As our society has become more accustomed to online transactions and other forms of electronic giving, we as the Vineyard community have established a means for the use of secure online giving, either as a one-time or recurring, monthly gift (based upon your determined commitment).  We do so with the conviction that our personal responsibility for how we manage God’s resources includes both supporting our communal ministry and mission but also avoiding unsustainable debt which casual use of credit cards can bring. As such we want to extend the convenience of online giving with the encouragement to plan responsibly.  To learn more about our theology of giving, click here.

Stephi Gammon, the Westside Vineyard’s Business Manager, is responsible for the security and accuracy of your church contribution information.  If you have questions, please contact her at or 310-391-7366, ext. 101.

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