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through the Westside Vineyard

In a world increasingly marked by distance, separation, superficiality and lonliness, we believe that it's all about relationship.  We value those not formally part of our fellowship and we value each other.

This section of our website presents how you can enter more fully into relationship as members of the Westside Vineyard as well as the ongoing ministries of the Westside Vineyard which exist to connect you to others so you may enjoy meaningful relationships which foster personal and spiritual growth.

Those interested in entering more fully into relationship as members of the Westside Vineyard are invited to go beyond attending a worship gathering on Sunday by taking these next steps:

     Getting Planted - a course which meets Wednesday evenings for four weeks in a row.
     In this class, you get to know us much better, and the heart which drives our church.
     At the end of the course, you have the opportunity to express your desire to join the church
     and be recognized as a new member of our community.  This course is usually offered two times
     a year, once in the Spring and once in the Autumn.

     Foundations of Spiritual Life - a course which meets Wednesday evenings for two weeks.
     In this class, you learn some of the fundamentals of walking with Christ.  This course is usually
     offered once per year, around the end of Winter.

     Baptism Interest Meeting - for those who are interested in professing their following of Christ
     through baptism.  The meeting, usually held in early Spring, prepares you for baptism, which we
     usually administer twice a year - once around Easter and again in mid-Summer.

     Discover Your Ministry - God has a specific ideas in mind for how you can best serve Him and
     His kingdom.  Through this course, which meets Wednesday evenings for three weeks in a row,
     you will learn how you are shaped for ministry using your spiritual gifts and natural talents.  This
     course is a great opportunity to learn more about the various ministries of the Westside Vineyard,
     and then get involved in serving others!  DYM is usually offered twice a year, once in the
     Spring and once in the Autumn.

     Leadership Training - for those who are feeling called to lead a ministry through the Westside
     Vineyard.  This course, which meets once a week for eight weeks, is designed to prepare you for
     ministerial leadership.  Leadership Training is usually offered once a year, in mid- to late
     Summer.  Westside Vineyard pastors will contact those interested in Leadership Training in
     advance of the course to explore this possibility with them and share the requirements for
     joining the training.

Our ongoing ministries include those designed to encourage people of all ages - whether children, youth, young adult or older, whether single, married, or married with kids.  Some ministries are designed to address unique issues within the context of just men (for the men), or just women (for the ladies).  Some ministry events are mostly for fun (such as the Westside Kids Summer Movie Series) while others are designed for focused spiritual development (such as intensive prayer and Life Transformation Groups).

You will also find a listing and information for our Home Churches and Support Groups.  While some of our ongoing ministries are more "event" oriented, our Home Churches and Support Groups meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  It's in the context of these groups where you can really get to know other members of the Westside Vineyard and begin to live life together.

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