Vineyard Christian Fellowship-West

Pastor of Youth
Willie Herath

/files/Staff mugs/Willie Herath - Youth Pastor - NEW 2014.jpgGrowing up in rural Illinois, Willie was taught to love Jesus at a young age.  His parents were very active in their church community and had a heart for missions.  In junior high, he had an amazing youth leader that helped solidify his faith in Jesus.

Throughout most of high school, Willie put God "on the back burner" and focused on other things.  Once he graduated from high school in 1996, Willie moved to Bordeaux, France and studied music.  While abroad, he realized that he was alone.  With no family, friends or ability to speak the language, he realized that God had been there waiting to rekindle a relationship.

After studying for two semesters abroad, Willie finished at a small school in Illinois.  Then in 1999 he moved to Los Angeles and began to act and record music.

In 2006, Willie answered a pull on his heart to get involved with the youth at the Westside Vineyard.  Over the course of four years, his heart for the youth deepened.  Willie's desire is to see today's emerging generation experience an honest connection and deep faith in Jesus Christ.

Willie has been married to his high school sweetheart, Andrea, since 2001.  They were blessed with a son in 2004 and a daughter in 2005.

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