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Overview of Marriage & Family Ministries

It is our desire for marriages and families to experience the fullness of a personal relationship with God through Jesus. We offer opportunities for salvation, healing, education and support toward personal and relational maturity as well as outward focused ministry.

Weekly Home Churches offer the best way to grow in deeper relationships with others and with God. We highly encourage families to get involved in such a group where real community and ongoing support can develop. You'll find some groups geared for married couples as well as families.  Some offer childcare.  For more information, click here

Mother's Prayer Group (MPG) offers an opportunity for mothers to get together for concentrated prayer, teaching, fellowship and support. This group meets on Wednesday mornings and childcare is provided for a small fee.

Couple's Café - A monthly meeting for couples to help strengthen their marriages. Meets on the fourth Friday of each month (except December). 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the Vineyard Sanctuary. Childcare is available at a cost of $10 for the first child and $5 for each additional child, but you must sign up for it advance.  For more information, click here

Marriage & Parenting Seminars are held at various times during the year. You may call the office to find out what is scheduled for the coming year.

Pastoral Counseling is available to help couples and parents face the real life challenges of marriage and parenting. Whether one finds himself in critical need or simply wanting to rise to new levels of intimacy as a spouse or parent, the pastoral staff and elders are available to offer the insight and wisdom God provides.
Children's Church

How do children fit into our church? If we look at the example Jesus left us, we see an open arms policy. Jesus stopped what he was doing and took time from his busy schedule to interact with children. He took a childish offer of fish and bread and worked a miracle. He lifted up the honest, simple faith of a child as the model of how we are to come to him.

At the Vineyard Children's Church we try to follow His example by opening up our arms to all children. We want every child to feel welcomed, accepted, nurtured and to get a sense of his or her great value. The classes can provide a positive peer group and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Children establish a foundation for life as they learn of God through His Word, and encounter Jesus through worship, prayer and the loving example of our workers. Children's Church is a place where people, infants through pre-teens, can experience the love and community of Christ at an age appropriate level.

In the nursery and toddler classes, parents and their children get to feel the love of Christ through extended family. Here there are "aunts and uncles" who introduce church as a fun, safe, and happy place. We encourage workers to pray for the babies and their families as they care for them. Our adult to child ratio is more than two times higher that what the state requires. We want parents to be assured that each baby will get the love and attention that he or she deserves.

The preschool class provides a great social time of play while teaching the foundations of Christian truths. Children are given quality attention as they play and learn side by side and together. We use age appropriate curriculum that includes Bible stories, puppets, role play, crafts and prayer time. The adult student ratio is double that which the state requires so each child will be cared for as a valuable individual.

Kindergarten through 5th grade classes uses age appropriate curriculum and activities to prepare a child to have a personal relationship with Jesus. For many children, this is the age to grow in the knowledge of the need for Jesus as Savior and to identify themselves as Christians. This is a good age to study the life of Jesus as the model for living, looking to the scripture for practical, relevant application. We want them to also learn what is in the Bible and how to study it, along with the importance and power of prayer and the Holy Spirit. We use curriculum that includes workbooks, interactive learning and crafts, so children of different learning styles can get the most out of it. We recognize and value the importance of relational role modeling from the teachers and keep a high adult-student ratio, more than two times what they get in public school.

The Junior High Youth Group (6th-8th grades) continues their spiritual journey by exploring the present day power, guiding conviction and comfort that comes from the Holy Spirit. We want them to discover their God-given gifts and talents, participate in ministries and look for God's direction and calling on their life. These young people will be facing critical decisions and lots of peer pressure in their lives. We want to equip them to seek God's Word and respond to God's Spirit in order to make Christ-like choices on their own. As a child grows in maturity, we want to call them into Christ's example of outward focus. We want to expose them to missions, servant evangelism and an unselfish service to further God's Kingdom. We don't want our youth to merely survive this world; we want to equip them to effect change through Christ's powerful truth and practical love for His namesake. The high adult-to-student ratio gives the opportunity for mentoring and individual attention. In addition to role modeling, we use monthly field trips, crafts, media, guided group discussions and drama as learning tools.

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Powerhouse is a special portion of our weekly Children's Church where toddlers through 5th grade come together for a time of worship and praise music. The Jr. Youth help lead the worship. Birthdays and visitors are recognized with prizes. The older children (kindergarten and up) have the option to participate in scripture memorizing programs where they can earn rewards for their efforts. This is an exciting time for the children to experience the power of corporate worship.

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